Ulta Haul

Since I hardly ever use my reward points at Ulta they tend to really rack up. So on Sunday I decided to go and treat myself to a facial with all the points I had. I know. I know. But of course you don’t get to $30 worth of points just sitting around, of course I had a few things on my list as well! Sunscreen and eyelash glue.

FullSizeRender (1)

The middle product was something the cashier put into my bag. I was looking for a facial sunscreen and decided to pick one up from Sun Bum. Originally I asked the girl who did my facial for a recommendation and she handed me one from Dermalogica. You could use it on its own or mix it into a foundation or moisturizer, as it was a liquid formula. But it was quite pricey and the Sun Bum products smell like coconut. I’m a sucker.


Next to the Sun Bum line were sunless tanning products. I’ve used this brand once before but a different product. Decided to give it another go since it worked fine the first time. I don’t fake tan often, but decided to go for it.

FullSizeRender (2)

Really I just needed the glue but look at those!

xx Sarah

NYX Round Lipstick Collection

Good morning all! I was going through my lipstick drawers over the weekend and noticed how many NYX products there were. The brand does fantastic lip products, so I have quite a lot of their round lipsticks. They retail for about $4 at Ulta and are fantastic! Super creamy with a slight soap scent, which is the only down side.

side view


Snow White, B52, Rose


Gala, Hot Pink, Pumpkin Pie

The formula of Pumpkin Pie is particularly streaky. I’ve tried it on my lips a few times and can never get it to look good so I ended up tossing it after this swatch. Of all the shades I’ve owned, this is the only one I’ve had this issue with!


Haute Melon, Strawberry Milk, Summer Love


Stella, Pure Nude, Power, Narcissus

Have a great start to your week! Let me know which other NYX products you think are worth checking out, I think the whole line is pretty great!

xx Sarah

50 Random Facts About Me

Good afternoon, all! I’m currently watching an old YouTube video of one of the beauty girls I LOVE, and she’s listing off 50 random facts about her and I’m loving it. So here we are. Monkey see, monkey do. Let’s do the thing:

  1. My full name is Sarah Jessica Polech. Every single time someone hears my name for the first time they’ll say something along the lines of “ha like Sarah Jessica Parker”. Even people who I didn’t think would know who she is.
  2. I have two types of days: full faced makeup days or no makeup days. There’s no in-between here.
  3. I drink an absurd amount of water. I was at the doctor’s office last week and they needed a urine sample, and I felt a sense of pride in how clear my pee was. You’re welcome.
  4. I have watched Scrubs on Netflix in its entirety three times.
  5. I’m 23 years old.
  6. Starting in August I’ll be a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania.
  7. When I was about nine, my brother and I were having a snowball fight in our grandmother’s backyard. One of the snowballs which hit my face was pure ice, and half my face was bruised for over a month. Mom wasn’t thrilled.
  8. I only have one sibling. The ice flinger. Always wanted a bigger family, though.
  9. Kate Middleton is the love of my life.
  10. Growing up my family never travelled, so I have the worst case of wanderlust you have ever seen.
  11. Between roses and tulips I’d choose sunflowers every time.
  12. Most mornings I make a fruit smoothie for breakfast, so someone gifted me ten pounds of bananas for my birthday this year.
  13. I have so many books in my room to read, but I can’t stop taking books out of the library. They’ll sit there forever.
  14. If I go for a walk, I clear my schedule for it. If I’m going for a walk, it’s not just around the block. I’ll go to the park and walk for upwards of two hours at a time.
  15. Whenever I get complacent with my hair I feel compelled to change it.
  16. Heights freak me out but I try to do things to get past it (hot air balloon ride, zip lining, going on an airplane just to name a few).
  17. Harry Potter is my SHIT.
  18. Going off of that, there was an entire year in high school where I would come home from school and go on jkrowling.net just to read her life story because I found it so interesting.
  19. Most of my clothes are thrifted. I like it like that.
  20. I’m 5’4 but wouldn’t mind being a few inches taller. If any of you come up with a growth pill someday hit your girl up.
  21. I gravitate towards intelligence and find it very attractive when a guy is smart.
  22. When I was in elementary school, my family was at my grandmother’s house (where my face was bruised for a month) around Christmas time. I knew my grandmother had gotten me three books from a book series I loved at the time (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes) so I told her I was going upstairs to take a nap. Instead, I went up to her closet, took out one of the books and read it cover to cover.
  23. Growing up my favorite show was Boy Meets World.
  24. If I could visit any state in America it would be Colorado.
  25. My three favorite beauty YouTubers are Estee Lalonde, TheBeautyVault, and MakeupbyTiffanyD.
  26. I have never walked out of LUSH spending less than $60. There isn’t one near my house, so in my mind it’s acceptable!
  27. I cry more when I’m incredibly happy than when I’m sad.
  28. I hate wearing pants. Hate hate hate.
  29. Sarah Vickers is my style icon. If you don’t know her, she has a blog called Classy Girls Wear Pearls. (Yes, it’s the homepage on my computer.)
  30. I’ve only been to three concerts in my life. Two were Dave Matthews Band (love) and the other was Billy Joel.
  31. I would love to attend a floating lantern festival someday, either in Thailand or Hawaii.
  32. I’m from upstate New York so chicken wings are bae.
  33. Instagram and YouTube are my favorite social media platforms.
  34. My goal is to go into education reform after graduation.
  35. In college my friends and I would get bubble tea off campus about once per week.
  36. I used to follow the Yankees religiously but now I just can’t be bothered. Robinson Cano’s absence never settled with me and he’s been gone for years.
  37. My favorite movie is The Social Network. It’s not some great cinematic piece, but I just find the back story of Facebook to be so interesting!
  38. I definitely think I have seasonal affective disorder because the wintertime just makes me so miserable.
  39. I have zero time for people who complain about things and don’t try to change their situation. “Wah I put on five pounds”. Perhaps go for a jog? Stop your bitching, we all have issues here.
  40. I refuse to use tanning beds.
  41. When I find a new YouTuber I really like, I’ll go back and watch some of their first videos just to see how they started off, if they’ve changed a lot, etc.
  42. To clear my head or calm my nerve I’ll go for a long drive. It’s also a good way to get to know people better, I’ve brought multiple people with me just to shoot the shit.
  43. I would be totally down to have multiple kids someday but the thought of giving birth is traumatizing. We’ll see.
  44. FitBit has taught me how much of a restless sleeper I am.
  45. I drive a VW Passat.
  46. I don’t particularly appreciate when people smoke near me. What have my lungs done to you?
  47. I cannot stand random dance crazes. When the bernie was a thing I would legit get up and leave when I saw someone do it because I thought it was so dumb.
  48. My naps last for a minimum of two hours.
  49. I smile a lot because I have no time for negativity.
  50. The only thing I miss about having a boyfriend is having someone who remembers where I parked my car.

Hope you’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend!

xx Sarah

Try On: ColourPop

Last night I did my makeup to try some of my new ColourPop items. From what I’ve tried, they did not fail to impress! The items I tried were the highlighter in the shade Lunch Money, and the ultra matte lip in the shade Beeper.


*Yes that is a choker being used as a headband. Judge it.

xx Sarah

Instagram: @sarahpolech

ColourPop Haul!

Happy Friday, all! I recently put in an order with ColourPop, as I was in the market for more of their Ultra Matte Lips. I already have two shades (had a third but the formula was awful enough that I threw it out) and obviously needed more! So I picked up three more shades, plus a few other products.


Shade: Lunch Money


Lippie Stix

Shade: Tootsi

Ultra Matte Lip

Shades: Chi, Beeper, Trap

Creme Gel Liner

Shade: Prance

xx Sarah

Instagram: @sarahpolech

Summer Skincare Essentials: Normal to Dry

Good morning, beauties! Today I have a collaboration with Paris from ParisJBeauty. We’re focusing on skincare for the summertime! I have normal to dry skin, while Paris has combination to oily skin, so we’ve got you covered! These are the products I find essential to maintain optimal skin health during the warmer months:

Cleansing Device

FullSizeRender (3)

Foreo Luna Mini

*I’ve been using a new cleanser the past week or so and I enjoy it, but don’t think it’s been long enough to fully recommend.


Sephora Purifying and Mattifying Mud Mask // Tony Moly I’m Real Makgeolli Sheet Mask


FullSizeRender (2)

Farmacy New Day Exfoliant



Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid

Spot Treatment

FullSizeRender (5)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

SPF Lip Balm


Banana Boat Sunscreen Lip Balm

Eye Cream


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

I’m in need of a facial SPF suggestion! I just use whatever is in the house and I don’t consistently use the same one. I’ve been eyeing the Tarte one (in a purple bottle). Let me know if you’ve tried that one, or leave any suggestion you do have!

xx Sarah

Instagram: @sarahpolech

Last Day: Giveaway!

Good morning all! Just a reminder today is the last day to enter my giveaway for the entire line of Tony Moly I’m Real face masks. There are eleven masks in total.

The only requirement is to be subscribed to this blog! Two additional ways to enter are available. One person will be chosen!

Enter here!

Have a great Wednesday, and good luck!

xx Sarah

US-UK Beauty Swap?

Good morning all you sweet people. Over the years, I’ve binged myself on beauty YouTube videos. A number of my favorites are from the UK (Estee, Zoe heeeey) and so I’ve often heard of superb drugstore (“high-street” sounds way classier) brands which are not readily available in the United States. I’m looking at you Bourjois and Barry M. (And Collection.) (And Sleek.)

This is more to see if any of you who live in the UK would want to swap some of the products which are readily available near you for products which are readily available in America? I live in New York and we have plenty.

Please let me know! I would love to have a swap with someone to try some new bits, and hopefully be able to help out someone else who is looking for the same!

xx Sarah

Review: Just Add Water Makeup Remover?

Happy Monday, all! Last week I went to Ulta in search of makeup remover. I surpassed my much-loved Garnier micellar water and picked up something new instead. The Glov On-the-Go Makeup Remover is a fabric glove which claims it only requires water to remove all your makeup. The packaging said this would last three months, though I’m assuming longer if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis (like me).

So I put it to the test! I had on a full face of makeup including primers, foundation, powders, mascara, and a lipstick. The works. And I found:

IMG_1565IMG_1566*hope this picture is everything you wanted to help kick off your week

This really does work! I was really impressed. All traces of makeup were gone: mascara, lipstick, foundation. I was wearing the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, which isn’t waterproof, so I can’t say how it would stand against a waterproof formula. But a regular mascara had no problem coming off. This is a really great product!

Afterwards, you just take a bar of soap and clean off the glove. It retails for $12.99 at Ulta, and I would highly recommend it!

xx Sarah

5 Drugstore Makeup Summer Essentials

Happy Sunday all! Yesterday I was going through my makeup collection and I started pulling some of my most-used makeup items from this summer. I noticed a number of them were drugstore items, so I decided to pick five which are particularly good for the summertime and show you. Enjoy!



  1. Essence All About Matt! Compact Powder: This is a very inexpensive powder which keeps my makeup in place. I do prefer a dewy finish on my makeup but during the summer I need a little extra help to keep my makeup from breakup up due to the heat, and this gives that to me.
  2. Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso): So good, so so good. I used this year round because it’s beautiful, but the summertime is when this puppy shines. It gives a very nice sheen to the cheeks and provides a lit-from-within glow. Plus a subtle peach shade, it’s just all you could want from a blush.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer (Warm Tan): Originally I didn’t know what I would do with a bronzer like this. I apply it right after foundation, blend it out, and I’m left with the most natural looking bronzer. I now prefer to use this during the summer over a powder contour. It’s subtle, but packs enough of a punch to look the way I would like it to. Great for the warmer months!
  4. NYX Butter Gloss (Maple Blondie): This line in general is fantastic and you can’t go wrong with any shade. But this bright peachy pink shade is great for the summer, and feels lightweight on the lips. Plus, it smells go good!
  5. L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow (Amber Rush): I’m inserting a picture below just so you can appreciate this shade as much as I do. A nice mix between pink and bronze, which is exactly what I want for the warmer months. And any month. It’s very long-wearing, and the color payoff is intense.


Milani Luminoso


L’Oreal Amber Rush (I’m crying look at this)

A few days remain for my giveaway of the entire Tony Moly I’m Real face mask line. You can enter here!

xx Sarah

Tony Moly Giveaway!

Good morning you lovely people! Two weeks ago I decided to start a blog to share my love for all things beauty with others, and I’m amazed at the response I’ve gotten. In that time, this blog has already reached 100 people who were willing to subscribe to my shenanigans and I thank you for it! As a token of my gratitude, I’m giving away the entire line of Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks. I recently did a review of the entire line, so if you would like to read it you can find it here. These masks retail for $4 each on the Tony Moly website, and $3.75 at Ulta.



So the rules of the giveaway are pretty straightforward. You must be subscribed to this blog. That will give you two entries. For one additional entry, you can follow my Twitter account (@SarahPolech). For four additional entries, you can follow my Instagram account (@sarahpolech) and I’ll try not to bore you with what you see. How’s that? Good? Great! I was also thinking if I ever reach another milestone on the blog (250 subscribers, 50th blog post, etc) I will do another giveaway consisting of my five favorite beauty products. Spread the joy. I’m looking at you, MAC Velvet Teddy.

Enter here!

The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere and runs until July 14th at 12am (midnight). Good luck!

xx Sarah